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Survival On Hoth
Type Survival missions
Location Hoth

Survival On Hoth is one of the Missions in the game Star Wars: Battlefront.


As Imperial forces seize control over the snow planet of Hoth, the last Rebel ship leaves with you left behind. Admiral Ackbar soon realizes his mistake and scrambles his best technicians to help you.

Hold out until the rebels can unlock the imperial flightcodes that is locking the base down and then use one of the snowspeeders to escape and re-unite with the rebel fleet.

Trust your instincts, and may the Force be with you.


Star Description Credits Earned
NORMAL Complete on Normal difficulty 250
HARD Complete on Hard difficulty 600
MASTER Complete on Master difficulty 850
NO DEATHS Complete on Hard difficulty

without spending a life

(or dying)

COLLECTIBLES Complete on any difficulty and

find all collectibles


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